Saturday, July 7, 2007

Come on in, the waters fine....

We spent part of our day Saturday with family from San Antonio and Toronto at the local community pool. I love to swim and on most days, so do my boys. Today, as has every swimming day this summer, yielded a 4 year old who is newly fearful of the water. Nevermind that he is a fish in the bathtub and shower and prior to this summer, loved to be in the water. Now, he wants very little to do with it and, as his loving, kind, patient parent, what can you do.

I've had many suggestions sent my way like, "just make him get in, throw him in and he will be fine once he's in the water." All well meaning (perhaps) but nonetheless misguided. You see, if I were to do any of the above, I know him well enough to know that he would be very afraid and it would take the better part of the rest of the summer to undue what I had done. My approach is to let him get used to the water, go at his own pace and eventually, as he did today, he will get in and realize how much he loves it and how safe he really is. My words of reassurance and promises of complete safety along with some gentle nudging did the trick.

I realized, as I do most days, how much this characterizes my relationship with God. How many times have I been in a situation and had faith, trusted His promises and gentle coaxing and made it through having experienced the joy that comes from trusting Him and following Him? Everytime.

It's amazing, then, how the same situation a time later can yield a reluctant fearful me, unsure of placing my trust in Him. Standing at the edge of the "water" much like my 4 year old waiting and unsure as He gently nudges me and reminds of the same promises I know to be true. Gently coaxing me in to experience and enjoy the refreshment and freedom that comes from faith in the one who saves.

Wishing you much joy and refreshment today and everyday.