Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God is in the details...

We have been trying to teach our boys that God cares about them. Not just whether they follow Him or not but I mean really care. The hairs on their head, whether they are clothed and fed or even if they get something they have been wishing for. It's an abstract thought though scripture is clear about His love and care for us.

We've (Scott and I) been going to the homeschool bookfair in Arlington, TX for about 7 years now. We usually go by ourselves but 2 years ago, we took our boys. My youngest was 6 then and not thrilled about wandering aimlessly around booths filled with curriculum and the latest and greatest in homeschooling. That is, until we found a booth selling wooden swords and daggers. The kind that any little boy would love to have to fight the odd dragon in the backyard. He was smitten. We put him off with promises that next year we would get one. That didn't happen. We attend the bookfair on Sat. but it runs on Friday which is the busiest day and things often sellout. Such as it was for the swords and daggers last year. There were none to be found. So when this year approached, we promised that if we could find one, we would get it for him.

We considered going to the bookfair on Friday just for the purpose of buying the dagger however, it's awfully far and would definitely make a lower priced toy a more hefty purchase. So we waited. Saturday came and we were up and leaving but 30 minutes later than I wished. I was frustrated because we were running late and feeling the push to get there to begin our search. I decided, as I should have earlier, to pray. I know that God cares about us and my son so I took the time to make a request that we find a dagger for our youngest. We arrived at the bookfair and the parking lot was already very full. I'm talking hundreds of people or perhaps more not to mention the thousands that had been there on Friday. We checked in and made our way to the booth we knew would have the goods. As I approached, I saw it. There in the rack, a wooden dagger. I grabbed it instantly, held it close and shared with the booth owner that I was so glad he still had one because our 8 year old had wanted one for a while now and I know how quickly they sell out. I was beyond excited.

The booth owner smiled and told us that he had been very busy and had almost sold out of the swords but he was glad we found what we wanted. He went on to share with us that he had brought lots of swords and shield but had only brought one dagger that year. ONE! That dagger was set aside for us to purchase for our son. In that moment, I felt humbled and thankful and amazed that God saw fit not just for us to be able to get the toy for our son, but that He made it so abundantly clear that He had been in the details.

It was amazing to share that story with our son when we saw him. I gave him the dagger and he immediately began to envision the battles and slaying that would take place. I asked him to stop his battles for a minute and began to share the story. I told him that God had set aside that dagger just for him. He had the man make it just for him. I have never seen such excitement or wonder as he repeated, "he made it just for me?"

Day by day, hour by hour God is present offering His love, encouragment and miracles if we take time to look. God is in the details and He loves you.