Friday, February 22, 2008

I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy

down in my heart. Or should I say that my youngest son (4 soon to be 5) does. Not only is it in his heart, it's in his eyes, his smile and most of all the constant dancing and excitement that accompanies him everywhere he goes.

So it was today. It's a beautiful day here and having gotten a coupon for Gymboree from a friend, I decided to check out the local store. We got to the new local shopping area and the boys were enthused. We parked and made our way into Gymboree and they were now getting excited. After some searching and looking and asking them for help, my youngest proceeded to find some underwear with airplanes on them. He brought them over jumping up and down and asking if he could get them. It's almost his birthday and any 4 year old who is that excited, should get the underwear of his choice. He produced them for the clerk and proudly announced that he was getting new underwear.

I paid for all of our finds and he asked for his own bag for his underwear. He proceeded to hop, spin and proudly display his new underwear in a clear bag for all to see. He was truly experiencing joy.

It occurred to me that he is capable of expressing the kind of joy I often feel but in my adult world, I can find myself tempering it's expression. How amazing to let it all go and really enjoy the smallest and seemingly most mundane things in life. It so awesome to realize that God cares about us down to our new underwear and to truly praise Him in all things.

I love my children and especially love that I have such wonderful examples of how to express joy. What a loving God we have!!