Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Looking forward to eternity...

I wish that I could say that I always am looking forward to eternity. In this busy world with responsiblities galore, I sometimes see it as more of an escape than the reality of a life spent worshipping the King.

My youngest son (6) recently prayed to ask Jesus to live in his heart and be his Savior. What a complete joy that is! Knowing that he made that decision on his own with conviction from the Holy Spirit. Wow!! How amazing that my husband was the one who prayed with him and that I had the fun of celebrating with him.

Now, I'm seeing the fruits of that decision. He has a real interest in eternity. Several days ago, he was asking us what heaven would be like. We told him we weren't sure and asked what he thought. He went on to share that he believed that God was setting up a house for he and his mom, dad, and brothers to live in and spend forever together in. I can't argue with that.

Today, he was asking if children can die and go to heaven. I explained that yes, they can. His sister, Abigail, died as a baby and now spends each day with Jesus. My sweet boy then asked, " when I get to heaven, will Abby be my sister again?" I explained that she was his sister here but when he gets to heaven, he'll get to meet her and she will indeed be his sister again. He went on to describe the number of people he couldn't wait to meet or see in heaven.

Once again, I find myself needing to take notes on how to live from my kids. My son is thoroughly enjoying being 6 and all that goes with it, however, he also has an eye on eternity and is waiting for it expectantly and excitedly.

Thank you God for the wise words that come from the mouths of my children. I am truly blessed.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Mom Heart Conference is coming.....

To Dallas in February 2010!!

This conference is a fantastic way to get encouragement in your walk as a mom, homeschooler, wife and daughter of the King!

I have attended this conference the past 3 years and I never fail to leave feeling as though I'm ready to tackle the hurdles I face, and ready to seek God in my homeschooling, mothering and in my relationship with my husband.

Here's a link for the pages pertaining to the Dallas event

I hope to see you there!!