Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting back to normal...

Ok. Last time I posted, we were finishing up our HBOT treatment with my oldest son. We finished in early May and clearly, there are some things that are continuing to improve post-treatment. We have had improved language, reasoning and generally better expression. I told Scott it's like he's living outside his head. It's glorious!! There was a time when an entire car ride would have absolutely no conversation unless a question was asked of him. Now, he volunteers information; specifically information regarding his thoughts and feelings. This is a huge thing for a child on the autism spectrum!!!! Praise God!

Even though school is out, we are continuing to school throughout the summer. This allows us time to go on vacation when everyone else is back in school and since it's so hot in the afternoon, we play outside in the morning and school toward lunch and then spend most of the afternoon doing other things.

Next week, for the first time every, all of my boys will be in vacation bible school. From Mon - Thurs in the morning, they will attend our churches VBS program. I will have 3 whole hours without my boys. I love them dearly and love spending time with them but this is a novel moment in my life right now as I actually get some time by myself. (grocery shopping doesn't count as time by oneself) The only problem with this is I have a million things I can think of doing and my brain is a little scattered as I ponder them all.

Funny things overheard/seen at my house lately,

my youngest son telling his brothers that his bear has a fever and has "fluenza".

When Scott told our oldest to come practice piano by using his shortened name, he responded by saying, "Daddy, please call me......" his full first name. We didn't know how important that really was to him.

Today, we rode to the soccer field by our house and my middle son brought his bear. He rode stuck through the holes on his bike helmet and dear son even made him a "helmet" by using some string and the bottom of a chuckecheese coin cup. Very creative and cute!!

Life is never dull and more than that, a blessing everyday. I hope your day is duly blessed!