Monday, June 25, 2007

Pure joy...

Sometimes I envy my boys. At 7, 6 and 4 they have the rare ability to really appreciate and experience pure joy at life's simple pleasures.

We decided to ride bikes early (after tackling a little copywork, math and history) and had the pleasure of seeing the garbage truck that picks up yard waste. Here they were, my boys, standing at the end of the driveway in bike helmets and one perched on his bike waiting for the garbage truck to pass by. Once it passed, my 6 yr old came running to me shaking with excitement because the man who rides on the back of the truck waved at them. This was major!!

Later, we were at Sprouts (grocery) and upon coming out to the parking lot, our conversation went something like this, "it looks like it rained (#2)." "I feel raindrops (#1)." "It's raining!!! (#3)."

After looking both ways, we made a mad dash to the car. The entire distance from store to car was met with screams and squeals of delight as we got wet. Once at the car it sounded as if we had 20 kids chattering away rather than the 3 we do.

I loved every minute of it!! It's in moments like these that I realize how little time we as adults take time to enjoy the little things. It seems, rather, that those little things become more annoying than endearing. Why is that?

God has blessed us with breath another day. That is reason enough for celebration and praise and yet, at times, I can only see the "to do list" and the negatives. Today I will be try to enjoy those moments remembering that God delights in even the smallest details of our lives.


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gumjack said...

Good Job Friend!

I'm looking forward to reading more.

You are so positive!