Monday, July 19, 2010

Time marches on...

An I seem to be running behind to catch up. Since I last posted my middle son went from a small 8 years old to a big 9 and is now in Webelos. My youngest is now a Wolf in cubscouts and my oldest will turn 11 on Thursday. 11!! I can't believe it. Sometimes I think time isn't so much marching as running as fast as it can.

10 years ago this past June, my husband and I were blessed to become the parents of our oldest. We stood before a judge in Orenburg, Russia, answered many questions and were declared the legal parents of our sweet son. Fast forward 3 years and we sat in a Developmental Pediatricians office to hear the news that our sweet, gentle boy had autism. I was mentally prepared at the time but there is something about hearing it said out loud and seeing it written in a report that makes it....real.

That fall when he started ABA therapy at 4 yrs old, he was barely putting 2 words together. We prayed that he would meet that milestone by Christmas. And here we are countless therapies, doctors appts. and miles driven, hours spent praying, crying, hoping and laughing. Special diets, supplements, treatments and boatloads of $$ spent.

Thursday July, 22 my oldest son will turn 11. He is an opinionated, Jesus loving preteen who speaks in sentences and paragraphs, love cars and wants a Nintendo DS for his birthday. He still has some struggles and there is more work to be done but God has blessed us with an amazing son. Not because of his "progress" but because of who he is.

Happy Birthday son. I am blessed to have been chosen to be your mom and am a better woman because of you in my life. God bless you in the coming year and may you always know you are loved immensely and that you, my son, are a child of the King.

Love, Mom

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