Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday....

To my oldest son who turned 10 in July. I cannot believe that 9 years ago we were celebrating your 1st birthday after returning home from Russia with you a mere month earlier. You are my hero. You have endured more hardships in your young life than many will in a lifetime and you approach them with willingness, trust (in your dad and I) and with the most beautiful smile and optimism.

We are often reminded by others that you, my son, were blessed to come to live here with us. Leaving behind the uncertain life that faced you in Russia. I would contend, however, that we have been far more blessed in our life as your parents.

Because of you, my son, I know what bravery looks like. How encouragement should be delivered. How we should celebrate our small victories as much as the large ones. That a hug and a smile can brighten the dullest of days and that giving up is never an option. I look forward to what God has planned for you in the year to come and beyond. You are a treasure!!

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